Rinalex optics equipment makes a wide range of products. The first is the eyeglass cases. In the eyeglass cases program we offer 17 models in four different colors artificial leather or real leather.

Advertising program:
• Models 101 to 106 are wider models
• 103/1, 105/1, 109/1 and 112/1 are narrower models.
• 104/1 is medium width.
All other models are wider models, with or without side panels, of various shapes and of course prices.
The material used to make the cases is specifically designed for optical stores with a special felt lining to prevent the case from damaging the eyeglasses. Available in 4 colors:
• Black
• Brown
• Blue
• Bordeaux
Each case can be engraved with the logo of the optician who orders the cases in gold or silver, and also the thread used to sew the holsters is available in gold or silver.
Each case can be made of leather with the engraved logo of the optical store.


Through years of market research, we have imported microfiber, a material that meets the needs of optical shops for wiping optical eyeglasses. The composition of the material has ideal proportions of polyamides and polyesters so that an antistatic film successfully protects the wiped surface from dust. The material comes in three colors: white, orange and blue.
Eyeglass wipes are made in two standard dimensions, and can be adjusted to your order, i.e. to customer’s wish:
• 15 x 18 cm
• 15 x 9 cm
All cloths can be printed with the logo of the company (optical store).


The straps which go around the neck are made in different colors from cotton yarn. They are packed on holders of 10 pieces each.
We also offer silicone straps: black and transparent, then leather: black, brown, beige, blue, pink; chains: black, gold, silver, violet and blue as well as beads of different colors, stitched with metal between beads.


Boxes are made of 8 and 12 beds, coated with plush materials, and the interior is made of white satin.


Racks are made of 16, 18, 24 and 27 beds and serve as a window, counter or drawer for an existing cabinet.


16-piece rods are an imported product and can be ordered as part of the interior or separately. They are easy to install on the wall and have a locking mechanism.


The cabinets are custom-made and can be customized to suit the size and colors of each interior, because they are made of MDF, and are painted in polyurethane colors, which are available in 340 shades. They can also be made of refined chipboard and also in wood color (chipboard veneer).
The standard size of the cabinet is 54x37x92cm with 15 drawers and a total of 270 glasses beds.
The cabinets can be upgraded with glass, Plexiglas or with metal holders – all according to the customers’ needs.


Designing interiors for opticians is a job that gives us great pleasure.