Microfiber cloths are one of the main products in our range. Through many years of market research we have imported microfiber, a material that meets the needs of optical stores in the form of a cloth specifically used for cleaning eyeglasses. Also, microfiber cloths can be used for car glass, monitors, photographic lenses and other similar use cases. The composition of the material has ideal proportions of polyamides and polyesters so that an antistatic film protects the surface from dust. The material comes in three colors: beige, orange and blue.
Eyeglass cloths are made in two standard dimensions, and can be adjusted to order specifications, i.e. to customers’ wish:

• 15 x 18 cm
• 15 x 9 cm

The logo of the store can be printed on all cloths.
mikrofiber_krpice mikrofiber_za_naocare

krpice_za_naocare krpice_za_naočare

oprema_za_optike oprema_za_optičarske_radnje