RINALEX” Šabac is a company that manufactures equipment for opticians and optical stores, primarily eyeglass cases, microfiber cloths and interiors – RINALEX means trust, family tradition and quality.

The company RINALEX exists since 1994 and it has two production lines: equipment for optical stores and business leather accessories program.

RINALEX has perfected the production of eyeglass cases and offers 17 different models, microfiber cloths for wiping eyeglasses all with a printed logo of the ordering optician, then straps for holding eyeglasses around the neck, eyeglass boxes with 8 and 12 beds, cabinets for frames which can be color customized for every interior of the optical store, as well as complete interior decoration for the optical stores.

RINALEX is also involved in the production of leather goods: various types of pendants, lighter cases, document holders, business card holders, pencil cases, eyeglass cases, leather or artificial leather menus, photo albums, etc. A complete range of leather goods is on our new site www.pinleather.rs

We strive to provide our customers with:
• Highest product quality
• Optimal price / quality ratio
• Always a personal commitment
• Understanding for each request

Our satisfaction is the satisfaction of our customers!

You can contact us via the contact form below or by phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the contact page.